This page contains the current version of Schnitzcells and the sample data in a single package.  Download and unzip them to get started using the software.  If you are a first time user, the video tutorials, along with the user manual, will help you get started.

Schnitzcells is developed in Matlab and requires the Image Processing Toolbox.  For tracking, it uses a C/C++ implementation of SoftAssign algorithm, which is platform dependent (see Known Issues for more information).  In addition, optionally it can use BLAS-LAPACK libraries for faster execution.


We are happy to distribute the software; however, we cannot offer assistance with the software beyond what is provided in the tutorials and the rest of these pages. We no longer have a person that can troubleshoot incompatibilities with each lab’s imaging system and operating system.  As of now, Schnitzcells works most reliably with windows 32/64 bit systems, but has been tested on Mac computers as well.   We hope to offer updates and additional tutorials as time permits.


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